Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yellow is the color of... Larry Munson?

I was cleaning out some old boxes recently and came across one for a talking Larry Munson bobble head doll I bought a few years back.

You remember those; they are awesome and proceeds benefit a UGA scholarship fund named for the late Noah Harris, a UGA cheerleader and Army 1st Lt. killed in Iraq.

But on the bottom of the box was a curious string of words: Yellow, LLC Savannah, Georgia.

Wait a damn minute, I thought. How can a company named Yellow LLC be involved with something this important?

It turns out Yellow LLC is a company owned by Rob Ellis of Savannah, who came up with the idea for the bobble heads and has been marketing them for a couple of years now.

The Savannah Morning News wrote a nice article about Rob in 2008, identifying him as a Savannah insurance broker and 1980 UGA graduate.

So why would a National Championship year Georgia graduate name his company "Yellow?" As with all difficult questions, I got drunk and consulted my buddy Joe.

"Maybe he's got another company called 'is the color of piss,'" Joe said.

Sadly, this is not the case. Because of course I called Rob and pestered him about it.

He's a member of Leadership Georgia, which is one of those important people networking things. And they bring in this profiler who assesses everyone's personality and assigns it a color. Red is social, blue is logical, green is organized and yellow is creative.
ROB: And that's the origin of that. ... I am very, very yellow and creative. That's where Larry was birthed, this whole concept was birthed. ... You can buy them direct now:

ME: Talking Larrys - that's a better name for the company, don't you think?
ROB: Uh, if that was my only deal. And it's not. This is clearly not my (regular) business.

ME: So, according to Leadership Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology is creative.
ROB: I did not mention the evil empire on North Avenue.

ROB: At least it's not orange.
ME: It's not like either one's too good, man.
ROB: I'd rather be yellow than orange any day of the week. Orange is evil.
I don't quite know what to think about all this. But there are 365 talking Larry Munson bobble head dolls left, according to Rob's site. That's one for each day.

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