Monday, June 22, 2009

God bless soldiers

A 48th Brigade Guardsman from Calhoun was killed Saturday in Afghanistan, according to the Department of Defense. First Sgt. John Blair is the fourth member of the Georgia 48th killed since the brigade began deploying to Afghanistan several weeks go.

Stars and Strips has a moving piece up, detailing the attack, and Sgt. Blair himself.

He pulled the faceless body of a man he’d come to love out of the gunner’s belt and climbed into the turret to replace him.

“We went over that before we left. (Blair) said, ‘Sgt. Bellinger, what are you going to do if I get hurt?’ I said, ‘I’m gonna take you down and continue this mission.’ He’s like, ‘Roger,’ ” said Bellinger, of Cumming, Ga. “That’s what I did.”

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