Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potpourri: Nicknames, like the Internet, are stupid

Did you know that, in Jeopardy, the category "potpourri" includes questions that were not revealed in previous Jeopardy episodes because time ran out?
I have a book called Great American Speeches. But did Lou Gehrig give the greatest speech ever?

July 4, 1939. Note the large G in the background.
"There are more kinds of fools than one can guard against."

"In the last instance, it is character alone that makes for one's safety."

- Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent.

Sir Charles Barkley, he ain't even got a ring.

Notre Dame has been trying to auction off a scoreboard since May 13, with very few bids. The jokes write themselves.
  • They figured they wouldn't need it.
  • Jimmy Clausen not included. Thank God.
  • Home side almost like new!
  • It's actually just for rent, because USC owns it.
  • Weighs less than Charlie Weiss.
  • Home of the 1981 Sugar Bowl runners up
I'm not quite sure I trust this. I saw it on my buddy's... blog, if that's what Tumblr is.

Lightning in Slow motion from பிரேம்ஜி on Vimeo.

ME: I wrote something down here a while back, and I'm wondering if you said it. Did you say "Urban Meyer. I hate him. He makes me hate Mormons. I don't even think he's Mormon."?
JOE: "..."

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