Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There is but a single survivor

From The New York Times on July 1:
PARIS — When rescuers saw Bahia Bakari, 14 years old, she was clinging to wreckage in rough seas, surrounded by floating corpses and debris from the Yemeni airliner that crashed Tuesday off the island nation of Comoros.

On Wednesday evening, Bahia — hospitalized and suffering from scratches, bruises and at least one fracture — was asking for her mother, who had been on the same flight, according to an uncle who had seen the girl. He said he told her, for now, that her mother was in the next room.

But in an almost miraculous tale of luck and endurance, Bahia is apparently the only survivor of an air disaster that left all 152 other people on board dead.
Is this a miracle, a tragedy, or both?

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