Monday, August 17, 2009

It's just a little too early to say Okie State's scared

I love the very concept of The

I could care less about Zac Robinson's supposed sore leg, but the idea of 60,000 Ok. State fans "collectively hold(ing) their breath" sounds like it comes right out of my game plan.

From The Stillwater NewsPress, which sounds made up:
So even three weeks before the start of the season, Cowboy Nation likely already has started to get a nervous feeling about how healthy its starting quarterback and offensive lynch pin will be this season.

Think the air might be sucked out of Boone Pickens Stadium the first time Robinson runs with the ball against Georgia, as 60,000 Cowboy fans — not to mention 130 or so coaches and players — collectively hold their breath?
If I were Stillwater, Oklahoma, I don't think I'd invite The University of Georgia Bulldogs to the first game in my pretty new stadium.

Image: Stillwater NewsPress.

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Anonymous said...

When we get done with them, they'll be glad to go back to catching giant catfish with their bare hands.