Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Time

I've had a piece of chicken. I've had a little drink. I've seen all the pretty girls, given one or two a wink. ... I been waitin' since last Saturday, to see another one beat. Friends it's time once again, to let the Big Dawg eat.

I miss my old red-tape copy of Bulldog Boogie.
Season tickets were shipped today, according to the Athletic Association.
The first two minutes of this video will give you the power to run through walls.
I'd almost forgotten the absolute boil over of Bulldog information that Telegraph beat writer David Hale's blog becomes during the season. For example:
While it seems to have upset Berry, this quote made me laugh out loud:

"I remember when I went on my recruiting visit, coach (Mark) Richt had my name and stats written on his hand. I guess he thought I didn't see it or something, but I did."

Every Thursday during the season, Richt holds an informal meeting with reporters. Before one of those meetings last year, Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas had paid Richt a visit. Richt then came upstairs to talk to reporters, sitting in a chair right next to me. As he discussed his excitement over meeting Thomas, I looked down at his hand. Printed on it in smudged blue ink was this:

Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court
Hale will also give you today's reason to worry, from Mike Bobo:
"We've got some experience coming back at O line, but we don't have five guys who have played the same position next to each other," Bobo said. "I know everybody thinks we're going to be awesome on the offensive line, but we've got to find some continuity right now."
Even so, I'm looking forward to lots of this in the coming year...

And maybe some of this...
And as much of this as we can get scheduled:


Brett said...

They should have something in "It's Time" about:
-Joe coming out of the port-a-potty
-The Swiller coming out of the woods
-Gary talking about his blueberry pancakes

Lucid Idiocy said...

You know it's funny, we might not have a single one of those this year.

We're within sight of emeritus status.

Nick said...


No Swiller this year?