Saturday, August 29, 2009

Georgia girls and Sanford Stadium: Your only guarantees in 2009

And Rennie Curran.

A couple of years ago I think Ford had a commercial: "The only guarantee on Gameday? Tailgating."

My tailgate isn't even guaranteed this year. A parking deck is under construction and the University has temporarily destroyed my tailgating spot to execute what looks like a bad ass master plan.

There are a lot of questions about this season, and we're going to have answers very soon. And that is what I think about this team. I think I was more confident about the opener 2 weeks ago.

Note the new red bridge, and yellow riverwalks.
JOE: What about Joe Cox, man?

ME: For all our talk about the o-line, here we are at the end, we're talking about the quarterback.

JOE: Can he complete 60 percent of his passes?

ME: That's the question.

JOE: Nah. Too many questions. But, shit, I guess that's what happens sometimes.
I think these are reasonable questions about The Dawgs on Aug. 29, 2009:
  • Starting corner opposite Prince Miller
  • Safety
  • Defensive end
  • running back
  • Quarterback
  • Offensive line
  • Defensive coaching
Now, the question is, how many of those do you really feel confident in? And, if you have six or seven questions heading into a season, how reasonable is expecting great success?

Yes, I'm happy to announce that, one week before kickoff, my supreme confidence has turned to organ-gnawing worry. Worry with confidence at its foundation, colored by an excitement for Sanford Stadium. Now it's football season.

Not even guaranteed this year.

I say we truck these fools in their renovated stadium. Otherwise, what the hell are we doing?

One other thing: The University of Georgia Master Plan is to destroy my tailgating spot this season. But it's to build something better in the future.

I expect a 10 win season like anyone else. And if Tebow gets hurt, a path opens through the SEC East.

But that's a big if to add to 7 questions.


Brett said...

Regardless of construction, I'm sure we'll eat, drink, and find ways to have hot girls do hilarious acts....the construction doesn't scare me; the season does.

Nick said...

Well said Brett!

Anonymous said...

So, once the season starts, I imagine you're going to the four-day work week, huh - Mike