Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uh-oh. Adams gets involved on tailgate trash

He called a press conference today to issue a warning. Chip Towers has the basics.

The University will put out more trash bags and Adams doesn't "want to start arresting people."

Obviously the trash bags will help. But there are more bedrock problems. Just because it's in a bag doesn't mean it's not a ridiculous amount of garbage.

I'm also a little surprised how up in arms folks have gotten over the trash this year. I guess not everyone strolls through campus at 2 a.m. the way I tend to, but the trash on North Campus isn't noticeably worse than it has been in years past.

I'm glad to see it, but it's interesting the way issues reach tipping points.


Anonymous said...

Seriously. The only thing different this year is someone was walking by North Campus with 10 megapixels burning a hole in their pocket. Not that I condone the litter, but lets get real. 1) It's cleaned up by dark on Sunday: 2) If last week hadn't been a 7:00 kick that lasted 4 hours (!) at least some of those people would have gone back and tidied up. Hmm, maybe it's safer to say, "nobody's going back to pick up their tailgate after 11 pm." To complain about this is a little like bitching about the sticky floor in a movie theater, isn't it?

Pumpdawg said...

Does anyone not think that maybe the trash WAS bagged up until the homeless wandered thru dumping it out looking for food?If the clean-up crews are going to leave the bagged trash out all night,I don't see this problem going away.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Anonymous, I was the one "with 10 megapixels burning a hole" in my pocket.

The trash is worse for night games, but don't kid yourself, "the game ended late" isn't anyone's excuse.

It's a legitimate problem. All I'm saying is that it's been a legitimate problem for years. I'm just curious what caused us to reach this apparent tipping point.

Dan said...
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