Sunday, October 4, 2009

Georgia football as a 3-2 501c3

This season is brutally tantalizing. Thoughts from the Lucid Idiocy Division of Analysis:

"I don't know that we gave the game away. I mean, we didn't have any turnovers. At least until they announced that, after further review, you could clear out of Sanford Stadium. How close are we to being 0-5? Not as close as we are to being 5-0."
- Dan Starnes

"If we got points for being in 3rd and 8, we'd be off the charts."
- Brett Unzicker

"Did you enjoy watching Kevin Butler play football? The only thing you can say about the defense is that they saved us from losing worse. If the offense plays good the defense can't. And if the defense is good the offense sucks. Were lucky to be 3-2. Count your blessings on that."
- Ryan Mohs

We're unranked for the first time since December 2006. Auburn looks fast. Tennessee's defense looks like a real problem.

We put as much speed and talent on the field as I can remember us having in the last 10 years. But if we don't take care of the little things soon, this season will slip past mediocrity into territory I'd just as soon not discuss.

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