Sunday, November 15, 2009

Better than Auburn, four years in a row

Game: Awesome. Joe Cox: Best chance to win. Sanford Stadium: As expected. Auburn: Yep, sucks.

I don't know that I'd ever actually witnessed a "quick kick" until this game.

At one point a girl behind me yelled to some guy 9 rows ahead of her. I counted. He heard her and acknowledged it. This was in the student section. It should never be that quiet there.

When was the last time we had true night game, a game that started after sundown?

Branden Smith: He ran across the formation tonight and it was a blur. Can't touch the ball too much, hangs out with A.J. Green.


I heart Waushaun Ealey. and Caleb King.
After being flagged for 11 penalties last week and three in the first quarter against Auburn, the tide suddenly turned and Georgia was whistled for just one more infraction the rest of the game.

-- Brandon Boykin set a team record for kick returns in the first half. He had three returns in the game for 52 yards, giving him 30 returns this season. Gene Washington (1974) and Asher Allen (2007) held the old mark of 28.

-- Georgia is now 16-0 under Mark Richt in games when they do not have a turnover.
On that kickoff Auburn returned for a touchdown, Logan Gray was the last-chance safety, until he got blocked into the earth.** Logan Gray should never, ever be our last line of defense.

While I'm at it, while Branden Smith touching the football is a very good thing, Branden Smith lined up at tailback in the I formation when we're backed up near our goal line is not.

** Apologies. The Senator found some YouTube of that kickoff return and Logan Gray was not blocked into the earth. He was simply blocked, and then he fell down on his own. Criticism withdrawn. Play him at every position as often as possible.

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Nick said...

WE are only one down in the series now, maybe we can make them "fear the thumb next year?" LOL