Friday, November 6, 2009

The Dawgbone


I don't know why The Dawgbone seems to be reporting from 1969, but it seems appropriate, given our current won/loss record territory.

For the record, the media guide records a bad, bad loss to Nebraska on Dec. 20, 1969. The one tie that year came in Jacksonville.
1969 (5-5-1)
Coach: Vince Dooley
Capts.: Steve Greer, DG; Daniel Lee (Def.)

1970 (5-5-0)
Coach: Vince Dooley
Capt.: Tommy Lyons, C; Charley Whittemore (Off.); Billy Darby (Def.)

1971 (11-1-0)
Coach: Vince Dooley
Capt.: Royce Smith, OG; Kendall Kendall Keith (Off.); Mixon Robinson (Def.
An 11-1 Alabama team won the SEC Title in 1971.

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