Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blog position: Don't trust a word he says

He's addicted to glory.
- Joe Petersen

More cracker jack analysis following Urban Meyer's press conference and subsequent ESPN sit down. A blog in progress.

Joe: It sounds like he stood up there Sunday at bowl practice and watched his empire in action and got a hard on. And he said, "I want some more of this."

Me: But how much are Jeremy Foley or Bernie Machen controlling this situation now? Is one of those guys the emperor? Because that's the one who must be killed.
From the press conference:
Q. Also, the leave of absence option, that was on the table from the beginning and you decided not to take it originally?

COACH URBAN MEYER: That’s correct. It was our president was the first person that brought it up, and I understand it’s happened before I think in college basketball. I didn’t know that. University of Florida is so different; the relationship that we have with our president is unbelievable. The relationship obviously I have with Jeremy, this is not a it’s a very open we talk about everything. And some people that are very close to me advised me, just step away for a little bit. They could see the distress that was going on, step away for a moment. So the option was there from day one.
Waiting on the ESPN sit down. Getting peanuts in preperation ...

1:03 am update: If I'd had a drink for every time ESPN has advertised this Meyer interview but not shown it, I'd of had about as many drinks as I've had.

1:11 am, this gem has aired.
Meyer to ESPN:
"Well I asked each (member) of (my family). I went for walks with each one of them. .. And my oldest daughter Nicole got a little emotional. ... I said I don't know, maybe just, this is it.

"I wanted to be a father more than I want to be a coach. ... See volleyball games, and, I mean, that's my world. I lost touch with that for a little while. ...

"The whole year I've been experiencing chest pains. ... (I'd) tell our doctors, you know, 'something's wrong, something's wrong.' ... (After the SEC Title game) I had an episode where I got out of bed and felt a pain like I've never felt and I lost consciousness and went to the hospital.

"(I'd be looking at my family), but I'd be thinking about, you know, third down and six.

"(The next day) you start getting the 'what ifs,' you know, 'what did I do?' .. Got out to work. ... and I walk into the stadium and its cold. ...

"I was fearful that we would turn it over to someone that would change our program. ... and I couldn't live with that. That would destroy me."
Credited at the end for his decision? "Prayer, my wife and Jeremy."

Instant analysis:
Shawn: Did you get healthier? No.

So, we agree, the opposite of what he said was important is what he did?

Joe: Maybe. He just told us how to destroy him.

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