Friday, December 4, 2009

Dooley: Tebow in a class by himself

Ugh. From a front page story in USA Today:
Vince Dooley has seen Tebow pile up nine passing and rushing touchdowns in two lopsided wins in the last two years against Georgia, a rival SEC program that Dooley once coached for 25 Hall of Fame seasons. "Football. Athleticism. Leadership. Charity work. His faith. You name it. I've never seen anybody who had all that in one package," he says.

"That's what puts him in a class by himself."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well...class is almost out. Glad he's graduating.

Largemouth Dawg said...

Haha... package

Anonymous said...

faith and charity work have what exactly to do with football?

Anonymous said...

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