Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Samuel, Jones and the 2010 depth chart

Richard Samuel, not moving to linebacker? C'mon, man. Not only are you a linebacker, you are a 2010 starting linebacker.

Reshad Jones is headed to the NFL. I wish you luck Reshad, by which I mean I hope none of the NFL scouts discover any tape of you tackling prior to 2009.

Mr. Jones' departure leaves us with a depth issue at safety. Quintin Banks has been injured for most of his career at Georgia, which is a shame because I had high hopes for him.

Bacarri Rambo is solid at one safety spot. Then you've got Sanders Commings and Makiri Pugh, assuming neither plays cornerback, which is no guarantee given our issues there.

This out-of-date depth chart lists few other options. John Knox transferred to GMC earlier this year. It would be nice to get him back, though if I remember the tenor when he left, I'm not betting on it.

Then there's incoming freshman Alec Ogletree (video), our most exciting safety recruit since Reshad Jones, if you discount the fact that Bacarri Rambo's name is Bacarri Rambo.

I think we've had some recruiting misses at linebacker. We seem to have some studs coming up at defensive tackle, but they will be young. We're losing five tackles, three of whom will probably play in the NFL.

The secondary could have a real addition by subtraction feel to it, but that's nothing to bank on. Throw in the fact that we'll be breaking in new coaches, and maybe a new system, and there are easily more questions on the 2010 defense than any time I can remember in the Richt era.

Update: Good point in the comments - "We have JuCo All American Safety Jakar Hamilton coming in too." Excellent.


Dan said...

looks like he's great at knocking the hell out of people right after they make a first down.
should be a perfect fit.

Reese said...

We have JuCo All American Safety Jakar Hamilton coming in too.

whatwhatsthescene said...

Bacarri Rambo!


Bacarri Rambo?!?

i can't get enough of that name.

Bacarri Rambo!

Anonymous said...

samuel would be a great safety,same size as thomas davis but mre speed

Anonymous said...

If we have to count on a true freshman (especially since they won't be enrolling early) starting at safety, we're in big trouble. It's truly unfortunate that Banks can't stay healthy. Pugh and Shawn Williams would appear to be the most likely candidates, at least starting the year, since I'd expect Sanders Commings to be a mainstay at CB. But, w/ Boykin, Smith, and Cuff, it's possible they give him a look at safety.

Nick said...

Maybe Matt Elam will flip again and become a Dawg.

From what I here Ogletree may end up at LB.

whatwhatsthescene said...