Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring practice just a week away

David Hale's Twitter feed was pretty fantastic today.

And then there was this:
Bobo: Logan will take 1st reps with No. 1 offense but all 3 QBs will get equal looks with first group.
I'll take obvious wastes of everyone's time for $2,000, Alex.

Update: Of course, this takes pressure off Mettenberger and Murray, and that's not lost on me. Letting the lesser talented quarterback play remains a bit of a sore spot for me, though.


Anonymous said...

Well Logan has been in the system for several years. He really knows the playbook. He's been waiting his entire life for this opportunity. He's a really great leader and decision maker. He has a lot of intangibles.

Nick said...

Those are all the words used to describe Joe Cox.

Brett said...

Guess who spent the morning at mat drills yesterday?

Answer - he and his wife are both at my house right now. They have plans for lunch after church with someone and his family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Captain Obvious.