Saturday, March 20, 2010

North Campus tailgating: All whammies = self whammies

There's a good life lesson in the crack down on North Campus tailgating. When you know someone wants to hit you on the head, don't hand them a hammer.

Beyond that, this is the university's definition of North Campus, and an interesting reference to parking changes from UGA's official game day sit:
NOTE: North Campus is defined as the area bounded by Broad Street, Lumpkin Street, Baldwin Street and Jackson Street (including, but not limited to, the quadrangle between Broad Street and Old College, the quadrangle between Old College and the Main Library, and Herty Field).

In order to accommodate the increased fan traffic in these areas, a few changes in parking regulations are also being implemented at locations throughout the campus. These changes will help to free up valuable parking spaces to accommodate the more than 92,000 fans that gather on campus during a gameday.
If you have the means, now is the time to bargain with the powers that be on tailgating. Surely there is a solution beyond a complete North Campus lock down.

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