Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Also, the GOP candidate for State Treasurer is named Young Boozer

Back a week ago, when I was employed as a newspaper reporter, I ran a political blog. I left my job and put that blog on hiatus. Now I don't know where anything belongs. Pardon our mess.

I have a Yankee friend who went from Notre Dame to the University of Virginia to a law firm somewhere in Alabama. He's been there long enough now that he's not even surprised to see a gubernatorial candidate make fun of the fact that his opponent supported teaching evolution.

Said said yankee friend: "Every Republican in a primary accuses the other Republicans of being liberal. If the ads are to be believed, Alabama is the dream state for Democrats - even the Republicans are liberal."

And, yeah, the GOP candidate for state treasurer is indeed named Young Boozer.

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Nick said...

LOL! I thought you were making that guys name up that is hysterical.