Sunday, June 13, 2010

Colin Cowherd jumps the shark

Chief Analyst Joe Petersen checked in with this on Thursday:
I'm listening to Colin Cowherd. It's a quarter after 10 and of course he's talking about USC. He was comparing Pete Carroll and Dennis Erickson to the lazy babysitter who let you stay up late and look on the computer late. And then Nick Saban is like the baby sitter that would inspect your teeth before you go to bed to make sure that you got all the broccoli that he forced you eat out of your teeth.

Just bear with me.

Then he went on to say that Lane Kiffin is more like Nick Saban than he is like Pete Carroll. And then this is a direct quote: "Nothing is going to slip through the cracks with this guy."

He said that about Lane Kiffin. So I'm officially done with Colin Cowherd.
Agreed. I'd be surprised to find learn that Lane Kiffin knows what broccoli looks like, metaphorically or literally.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

I heard it too. Does someone have a pic of the "herd" and a monkey. Nonsense.