Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sept. 11 pictures

My fiance, who used to live in New York, recently found a packet of pictures from the days surrounding Sept. 11. It was odd to find that, unexpected in a closet.

She has no idea where they came from, but they appear to have been taken by emergency personnel. If your name is Frank Pena, or you are or know any of the people in picture 5, email me at ctfain(a)

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Joy said...

That's crazy. I like picture #6. Baxter and I got married on 9/22/01 and it was a weird time to be celebrating. We flew out of the country for our honeymoon through Newark and could see the smouldering ash even weeks afterward.

I also found some unexpected pictures in an old suitcase when we moved but they are from the early 40's and I think everyone in them (distant family) is gone. Strange that they were with our side of the family for decades and they never knew. Hope your pictures find their way home.