Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grantham: Everybody on your team isn't the same

I don't know that there's any new news in this ESPN Q&A with Coach Grantham. But like all of his interviews, it gets you fired up.

Of note: He will coach from the sideline. Freshman T.J. Stripling will get his first shot at outside linebacker "behind Justin Houston."

And when it comes to Houston: "Everybody on your team isn’t the same, and he’s got to be one of those guys who rises above for us."
ESPN: How much will you experiment this preseason, especially given the move to the 3-4?

TG: I come from pro football, and you’re going into the game with 21 or 22 guys on defense, and that’s it. What you learn is that you have to be flexible, and we will be. If somebody goes down, I’d rather play the next best guy instead of the next guy at that position, and there’s a difference in that. We’re going to find out which guys can play different roles.

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