Thursday, August 12, 2010

Portraits in Awesome: Joe Namath

From Namath: A Biography, by Mark Kriegel:
Several men are alleged to have visited Bryant atop his tower: Governor Wallace, Dr. Frank Rose, the university president, Happy Campbell, the baseball coach; and a comedian from Mississippi in whom Bryant took great delight. But these sightings are difficult to confirm. More certain are the fact concerning Namath's arrival at the practice field. There is no shortage of witnesses, all of whom recount with awe the moment when Joe Namath became the first and only player to ascend.

"Everybody was just shocked," says Hicks, the manager. "Joe was up there thirty, forty minutes, and Coach Bryant talked the whole time. Joe said he could only understand one word: 'stud.' The whole time, 'stud' is the only word he could understand."

Tells the story of Namath's life through January of 2004.

Image: SI.

And, yes, I'm writing book reports now, mother.

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