Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arkansas: Right past our spike strip, and gone

I agree with others, who have said that was very much like last year's LSU game, without the bullshit call on A.J.

Sort of. It may have been exactly like that

After a while, you wonder why we keep getting out of the car.

The Dawgs showed significant improvement in Week 3 of the season. Unfortunately, they still blew it. I think they can beat Mississippi State, if only they will.
Me: That come back was like watching them grow up a good bit, but the defense seemed gassed at the end. Arkansas is a good team, they outplayed us.

Joe: We ought to rebound. At least we played like men. They showed improvement. They looked faster and more into it.

Me: I was hoping to have the 3-4 perfectly installed and executed by the second game of the first season. And I'd like to see some strength from the offensive line, and others, this week.
What else can you say? I think the reasonable among us can see that 2010 isn't in the record books yet, and that we needn't panic or rush to judgment any more than we need to buy SEC Championship tickets.

And while I'm comfortable with Greg McGarity's “I don’t really buy the notion that, boy, this is the make or break year,” Joe adds a caveat: Unless they go 6-6.

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