Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State v. Virginia Tech

I agree with all of this:
Yes, with all the lead changes, Boise State and Virginia Tech put on an entertaining show for us last night, but is there much doubt that Alabama would wipe the floor with either team?

The Broncos offense lived up to its billing last night, but I wasn’t very impressed with the defense, which basically turned out to be a fundamentally sound, less than elite-skilled bunch that gambled all night long. A competent offensive coordinator with a few good weapons would have picked them apart.

Fortunately for Boise State, Virginia Tech doesn’t have one.


AthensHomerDawg said...

I thought Boise State came out disciplined and executed well. Their offense moved the ball when it had to. Their D did what it had to do to win. Some say they couldn’t hang with number one Alabama. I watched that number one Alabama struggle with a Tennessee team that wasn’t ranked, to win in the final seconds by 2 points via a lucky blocked fg. Alabama beat an unranked Auburn by 5 points. Impressive? Just win baby! Cause that’s what matters!
Smurfs travel a couple of time zones and play the number 10 team and win in a night game in the heat and humidity. Impressive? Just win baby! Cause that’s what matters.
I’m gonna cut them a little slack. Its early,maybe they’ll get better. No they don’t play in the meat grinder called the SEC. Neither does USC, Ohio State, or Texas for that matter.

CSA said...

In my humble opinion, both of the teams last night are over-ranked. It's not their fault, but perhaps this will be the season that Boise State will play for a NC. And maybe they should, because no matter who they play, you can be pretty damned sure they won't come out the winner.

Ben Dukes said...

"play the number 10 team"...

Means nothing if VT goes on to lose 4 games this season. A high preseason ranking means absolutely nothing.

As for whether they could win consistently in the SEC, Big 10 or Big 12, I seriously doubt it. I watched every snap last night, and noticed a few things. First, Tyrod Taylor, though he completed a lot of passes, played a sub-par game. His feet were too happy. He gave up on plays and began to scramble while the pocket was still solid. He left missed too many open receivers while making his reads.

A QB like John Brantley or Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett would have eaten up that Boise State coverage all night.

Boise capitalized on VT's mistakes - that's what a good team does.

Boise State is a very good football team, but they don't go through the tests the other teams do. They have to beat Oregon State. Other than that, there isn't a team on their schedule who should challenge them. If they finish the season undefeated, we will have to compare resume's to the champs of the big conferences. Right now, there are seven SEC teams in the top 25. There aren't seven WAC teams in the top fifty. Are you telling me you believe that Boise State would deserve a title shot over an SEC champion, even a one-loss SEC champion?

I can't say that.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I'm not sure if I'm agreeing with you here AthensHomer or disagreeing with you, but I thought boise looked very good. But I also thought they played at, or very close to, their full potential, which is impressive in its own right.

VT seemed to have a mediocre defense that played very poorly. Boise's receivers were open over the middle all night long. VT's offense started slow, then lost its mind there at the end, passing when they should have run in their second to last drive and chunking the ball downfield two out of their four last plays.

Actually, I think I'm agreeing with Ben Dukes and CSA.

Anonymous said...

Neither team is any good.

I watched the whole game.

AthensHomerDawg said...

BD- Virginia Tech's next 7 games are very pedestrian and they will be 7-1 heading into the final 4 games which make up the meat of their schedule. I think they split those for a 9-3 season. Not bad. I don't feel the love for Brantley, he was the 11th best qb for the SEC after the first game. If the Smurfs go undefeated then yeah- they deserve to play for the NC. They would be very competitive in that game as they prepare very well when given time and their O is somewhat unpredictable. imho.