Saturday, September 11, 2010

New blog policy: Car chases in all commercials - a South Carolina preview

Anyone telling you they've got a prediction for this game is full of it.

Some commercial the other night made me think: "We should put a car chase in all commercials." And if it's good for a commercial ...

Wasn't going to go with Bullitt. And then Steve McQueen "explained" it to me. Warning, though, the guy he's chasing doesn't even put his seat belt on til 3:14.
Starnes: I have no idea if this is going to be the resurgence or the complete unraveling downfall. I mean, it could go either way the next three weeks. What if we lost two out of these next three games? Also, it wouldn't surprise me if we just come out and kick ass.

Me: I don't know that it has to be either of those yet. It could be in the middle. I think I'm more excited than worried.
Is it possible I forgot how much I like College Football? Because it's been story-line packed so far. I would have preferred not to see AJ Green in the wake of the NCAA getting awesome at catching people for violations just after catching USC.

Makes you wonder: Who does the NCAA know in the south eastern United States? You know, some one who knows things about football programs in, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

But the NCAA/AJ situation did shut people up about Boise State for a while. Joe told me he heard Brent Musberger and Paul Finebaum, early in the week on satellite radio, debating whether Boise State could succeed with an SEC schedule.

"How do you think it went," Joe said.
Does any one else want to hear Michael Adams, and some other people at the University of Georgia, take issue with the NCAA?
Me: Is it me, or is it getting stupider out there this year?

Joe: I don't know. Do you think Boise State should play for the National Title?
It's one thing to say there's a difference between sportsblogging and sportswriting. It's another to see elements of their evolution toward one thing.
Me: The two teams seem pretty evenly matched. But the problem is that Louisiana Lafayette and Southern Miss, I just don't know how to account for them. They're like unknown values in an equation, and I hope it adds up to Georgia beat down.

Huff: That's some professional analysis.

Me: If our line blocks, I feel good. We have speed on defense. We'll miss a few things, but we'll make plays, too. And from there, we just can't beat ourselves, and the talent will take over.
From the Senator, last Friday:
Easily the biggest surprise last night for me was seeing how much of the old swag Spurrier reclaimed. I’m not talking about his behavior. I’m talking about his playcalling. As vanilla as Johnson was, the OBC was anything but – tons of formations, a very nice reverse call, a little wildcat were all on display, along with the old staples. That’s the sign of a confident man who believes he’s got the weapons to play with again.
Finally, there is this from the L.I. Athens Bureau, reporting from Columbia shortly after midnight:
Consensus: Noon games for two top 25 teams are lame.

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