Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ray Goff: Worthy of the Georgia Hall of Fame?

I've always considered Ray Goff a good Dawg that we treated poorly on his way out of Athens.

But ask yourself this: Does his one SEC title as a quarterback, 46-34-1 record as a head football coach and promise not to check your credit at any of his Aaron's Furniture stores merit inclusion in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame?

From The Macon Telegraph:
The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2011 was selected Tuesday.

The next inductees will be football coach Robert Davis, football official Joe DeLany, basketball player Dale Ellis, football player and coach Ray Goff, golfer William Ploeger, tennis player Lisa Spain Short, and football player James “J.T.” Thomas.
Also, does Coach Goff's inclusion make you more likely to visit the sports hall of fame in Macon, which is currently subsidized to the tune of $412,000 in Georgia tax dollars a year?

A few years back there was some commotion over the hall of fame's makeup, and its similarity to the board that selected honorees. Namely, there were an awful lot of white UGA alumni involved in both instances.

From The Telegraph in 2002:
NBA great Dominique Wilkins, boxing world champion Sugar Ray Robinson, three-time Olympic gold medalist Katrina McClain and Negro League star Josh Gibson share a dubious distinction. They're world-class athletes with Georgia ties, but they're not in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.
Wilkins was added in 2004, Robinson in 2006, McClain in 2005 and Gibson in 2003. They were beaten into the hall by well known Georgia sports heroes Joe Gerson, Pete Cox, Johnny Griffith, L.J. "Stan" Lomax and Loran Smith, all of whom happened to be on the selection board when they were inducted.

What am I saying? Congratulations, I guess, to Ray Goff. You are about to share an honor with 349 other Georgia sports figures, most of whom the average Georgian has never heard of.


UGA69Dawg said...

Hey if you can't get elected while you are on the board you aren't trying.

I'm old enough to remember Ray's playing days and he should be in the HOF. Just because UGA was looking for a cheap replacement for Vince we shouldn't hold it against Ray.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I hear you 69 - but if 3 years of solid to excellent performance in college athletics alone is enough to get you into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, how special is that honor?

Anonymous said...

how many people started by playing hs football in ga vs how many of those are in the HOF? I'd say it's about right.

Anonymous said...

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