Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Them not having Marcus Lattimore short

46-15-2 all time vs. South Carolina.

I think it's fair to say South Carolina kind of whipped our ass.

Your thoughts?

Where South Carolina = Sean Connery's Humvee.

I like this sentiment:
Look at that SEC schedule the Cocks are facing. They have to play AT Auburn, against #1 Alabama, AT Kentucky and Vandy, against #14 Arkansas, and AT Florida. That's ridiculous. I feel pretty confident that even if the Gamecocks are better this year, they will still lose 2 SEC games in that schedule ...

That means if UGA can handle business the rest of the way, they will be FINE. Yes, easier said than done, but it isn't the end of the season yet, and I saw some things to be optimistic about.
Of course, I also liked the idea that we'd learned how to tackle.

Bill King:

Ealey in the Wild Dawg or wildcat or whatever you want to call it is about three years behind the cutting edge.
Bill also has harsh words for Bacarri Rambo, and I doubt he's the only one. I guess we don't have Willie Martinez and Bryan Evans to kick around anymore, and still don't tackle.
Stuff of Legend sees some positives, and I think there are more of them from today than it's easy to feel now:
- Defensive scheme was not the issue...we had guys in the backfield all day at the point of attack, and just failed to make the tackle. Very disappointing.

We did have five sacks, and caused a big turnover, and appeared to be in the right place almost all the time. If we could have just made tackles when we got there, may have been a different game.

- Marcus Lattimore is the truth. Maybe not as good as we made him look today, but he is going to be a great one.

- I really don't have a problem with Mike Bobo in general...I question individual play calls at times, but that's going to be the case with every offensive coordinator.

One thing I do have a problem with, however...EVERY TIME we face 2nd and long, we run the ball. EVERY TIME.
And, finally tonight, Georgia Sports Blog offers perhaps the most complete, but succinct, analysis, short of the car chase scene from The Rock (where our defensive front 7 = innocent bystander cars):
  • Our offensive line is way overrated. Carolina has a good defensive front, but our running game was nonexistent after the first drive. Without a strong running game, our offense doesn't work. It's that simple. Searels has some work to do. Chapas's injury hurt, but our best second half rush was for five yards. We have to do better.
  • Bacarri Rambo. Ouch, buddy. Flush this whole game and get ready for Petrino's passing schemes.

    The season isn't necessarily over with regards to the SEC Championship, but it's now teetering. I expect both SC and Florida to lose at least one conference game. Both have to play Bama and they have to play each other. We can still get to Atlanta. After today's performance, though, it's just too difficult to really conceive of this team playing for a championship.

    drew said...

    I have never seen a more piss poor game than today. Today was miserable to the get go. That first drive i knew we were going to loose and i think georgia did too, Mark Richt did also. Mark was just as cool and calm as he ever was, he didn't seem to have a care in the world. He doesn't want it bad enough, the passion that you and I have is just not there for coach mark richt. Im tired of the excuses. I understand a loss but to loose it as poor as we did today is definately sickening. When is enough, Enough? I bet mark will be just as calm and jittery as he ever was saying how great lattimore is and how me missed opportunities. you're damn right we missed opportunities, how about doing something about it coach. How about letting AARON MURRAY do his thing. The Kid is a WINNER! but coach richt doen't have that winning mentality, sure he's a good coach or whatever but he doesn't want it. Its almost like he has no soul. sure we will win 10 games this year but its not good enough. I'm fed up with it and so is everybody else. Prove to us mark that you want it, you want it more than anything in this world. play every play like its 2 mininutes to go and you're down a touchdown. Turn up the heat earlier in the game, play like there no fucking tomorrow. balls to the walls, do that and i dont care if we loose 5 games this year but dammit you want it. I'm sorry im pissed and I'll be cooled down tomorrow

    Lucid Idiocy said...

    Misspell "lose" once, and it's not worth mentioning. Do it three times and it discounts your opinion considerably.