Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Washaun, ditch the 3

If I'm Washaun Ealey, there is no way I come out against Vandy wearing the No. 3 jersey.

Remember last year, when Washaun wore No. 24 and didn't run into any parked cars or fumble the ball inside the 5 yard line? Honestly, if my name is "Washaun" and rhymes with "Knowshon" I'm sticking with 24 for my full career at Georgia.

But he didn't. And Ken Malcome's got the 24 jersey now, according to Rivals' Georgia roster. So let me suggest a temporary fix: Someone's going to be wearing the 31 jersey Saturday. Might as well be the guy trying to shake off a jinx.

Update: I'm not the first person to suggest this. Nor am I the first this week.


Anonymous said...

It certainly couldn't hurt. I mean, heck, fumble twice a game near the endzone? nah. hmm.

Anonymous said...

agreed...or just put Malcome in...whatever