Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally, my highest and best use

I'm a largely out-of-work / freelance newspaper reporter, so I check just about every day for opportunities.

I may have discovered the best possible use of my talents for the Bulldog Nation:
Company: University of Florida
Position: Presidential speechwriter/science writer
Location: Gainesville, Florida

About the job:

The University of Florida News Bureau seeks a presidential speechwriter and science writer. Duties include researching and writing speeches for the president for use at events such as building dedications, conferences, donor events, university assemblies and assorted presentations in academic, professional and governmental settings.

Science writing duties include producing news releases about UF science and technology research; identifying scholarly research for potential stories; interviewing researchers; writing and editing stories; arranging photographs and video to accompany stories.

Other duties include researching and producing written material for the engineering dean and and the vice president for research and dean of the graduate school upon request. Such material may include op-ed articles, columns, speeches or back-up material for speeches.

Apply at, click on "Staff Positions" and search for requisition number 0806305.
Bernie Machen strikes me as a smart man. But, who knows, maybe he'll read anything you put on a teleprompter.

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