Monday, November 1, 2010

dark season

Me: What do you think Cam Newton is going to do to us?

Well, the good news is he'll only play two quarters.
It is worth looking through the annual post-Jacksonville pain to the rest of the season, which I can only hope includes two straight weeks of trying to stop Cam Newton, and a win over Georgia Tech.

I'm sure you're aware we're 4-5 right now, but there's something to saying it out loud, and to writing it down, and to staring at it.
Joe: So say we beat Idaho State and lose to Auburn. That's 5-6, with bowl eligibility on the line against Tech. That makes for a dark off season.
So that is where we're heading, into a dark off season. One where Coach Richt has to make tough decisions, then defend them for nine months.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that only 4 of the 9 teams we've played have winning records - we've lost to all 4 of those teams plus Colorado. The Buffs have lost 4 straight since beating UGA and could very well finish winless in the Big 12 this year.

As for the teams we have beaten, UT, Louisiana Lafayette and Vandy are 2-6 and UK is 4-5. Combined record of 10 wins and 23 losses. Throwing Idaho State in there, the combined record of our victims will be 11 wins and 31 losses.

A dark season indeed.

Anonymous said...


Lucid Idiocy said...

I'm impressed that you guys helped me feel worse.