Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'll sure take it, but we played dumb football

Groo's got as solid a metaphor as you're likely to find on this one:
Yes, Georgia still runs the state. About as efficiently and wisely as a third world military dictatorship runs their state. Georgia maintained their hold on power as any despot does – through sheer dumb luck, the resistance being even more inept, and the exploitation of a wealth of natural resources.
In other words, the only thing dumber than the way we played last night was Georgia Tech. And the only thing dumber than them was Bob Davie. And the only thing dumber than Bob Davie is asphalt.

No need to revisit specific mistakes here, though it would be nice to get into a fourth quarter of a big game with a timeout or two one of these days. This season is what it is. We need to get recruiting, and develop a dominant player at the interior for every level of the defense. We need to get stronger and hungrier and meaner.

And we need to find a new AJ Green, preferably at running back.
Joe: I don't care. We beat Tech today. It's always good. It's always good.
To win a national title, you often need luck, and you almost always need to win a close game, even against a lesser opponent. It's the same with great coaching careers. Sometimes you need to go 9-1 against a rival, instead of 8-2, on the strength of a little luck, and just out-surviving your opponent.

It'd be nice if we did that against Florida from time to time, but I digress.

Coach Richt has my confidence, even if it's shaken. I'm not ready to pile on Coach Grantham, though I'm not going to shout down those who do, either. The same goes for Mike Bobo.

Grantham has been once through the SEC meat grinder now. He's seen Tech's option. He, like Richt, should know what has to be done.

Now it's time to do it.

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