Friday, November 19, 2010

Scheduling philosophies: Let's get right

As we continue to shift our scheduling strategy, doing away with long-distance home and homes against BCS schools and very likely adding a Georgia Dome game against Boise State next year, allow me to put my 2 cents in on our overall scheduling methodology.

Scheduling is not a simple thing, but where possible, I'd like to see us add games with teams we have a losing record against. My long-term goal would be to more than balance the ledger.

From our media guide, here are the schools we have a losing record against:
Chicago: 0-1-0
Cumberland: 0-1-0
Fordham: 0-0-1
Harvard: 0-1-0
Holy Cross: 0-3-0
Houston: 1-2-1
Maryland: 2-3-1
Miami of Ohio: 0-1-0
Navy: 0-2-0
Nebraska: 0-1-0
Penn State: 0-1-0
Pittsburgh: 0-3-1
Rice: 0-1-0
Savannah A.C.: 1-2-1 (don't think they exist anymore)
Sewanee: 5-7-1
Southern Cal: 0-3-0
Stanford: 0-1-0
Syracuse: 0-1-0
Texas: 1-3-0
Texas A&M: 2-3-0
Wake Forest: 1-2-0
West Virginia: 0-1-0
There are a few patsies there, no?

Incidentally, we lead Oregon, who we canceled a future series with, 1-0-0, having played them in Athens in 1977. So, as much as I hate to miss a trip to Eugene, I don't mind denying them a chance to even that up.

CORRECTIONS: Couple of errors pointed out in the comments have been corrected. Thanks for setting me straight.


Anonymous said...

We beat Texas once.'84 Cotton Bowl.

Anonymous said...

6-4-1 against Florida State is not a losing record.

Anonymous said...

I think a home and home with Harvard would be a good idea.