Monday, December 27, 2010

Watching Tech die by the option: Priceless

Cost of Advocare supplements, like Drew Brees uses, unknown. Cost of going into business selling Advocare products, as Brees' commercials suggest you do: Your pride.

Drew Brees is fucking serious about these pills.

All is right with the world. If the Falcons beat the Saints tonight and clinch the NFC South that's awful good for a Monday.

If you did not see Drew Brees' new round of Advocare commercials during Georgia tech's loss to Air Force in the Advocare We Build Champions, ask Drew Brees Bowl, I am sorry. Drew Brees thinks you should use and sell these fine products.

I'm glad that Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington was able to get up and leave the field after he got rung up at the end of the game's final meaningful play, on which he threw an interception. Hopefully he'll be just fine.

In the last two years, we're 1-0 in the Advocare Bowl, and Georgia Tech is 0-1.

Finally this holiday season, what happened to ESPN's "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" bowl game commercials? If they're phasing that out their killing a classic. Speaking of which, this is what I found that did have that song it.

Awesome, and not safe for work.

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