Sunday, December 12, 2010

Would Will Muschamp leave Florida for Georgia?

Probably not.

Still, if this is an A-Teamesque plan to destroy Florida, kudos.

Like Blutarsky, this hire doesn't scare me any more today than it did yesterday. I'd like to believe it represents the rare chink Jeremy Foley's armor. He is our real enemy.

Update: Answering a tech fan's question - yes, I absolutely see this line from Muschamp's official statement as a direct and purposeful message to the University of Georgia:
"I wouldn't have left for any other job."


Anonymous said...

NOPE, same reason kirby smart wont come back, same reason derek dooley went to tennessee. UGA is loosing control of their football program, and their state entirely. All the best recruits are going to alabama, florida, auburn and tennessee. There are more fans of other teams in the state of georgia than georgia fans. Like aaron murray said, we need to change the culture, not just in the weight room but in all aspects of UGA. I am a firm believe that UGA needs to market itself alot better than it has the last 10 years. We are beginning to slip away from relavance and we need a change, NOT in the coaching staff but a change in the mindset of the university as a whole. We need to bring UGA back to greatness and it has to start with us. I dont know how we do it but we need a change. Look at oregon, this school has done what it has needed to do to be great, and now they are an elite program. If UGA kept its best players in the state then we could compete every year. there is no doubt. We would be like the "georgia" all star team competing against the rest of the country. I know we would succeed.

Anonymous said...

You could also say that he is trying to let the Texas fans down easy. He was their "head coach in waiting" you know. Its got to hurt a bit and to say that "he would not have left for any other job" doesn't look like a slap in our face to me. He is just being gracious to the Texas fan base. Don't get you panties in a bunch fellow DAWG fans. I'm sure if the job were offered to him, he would have taken it. But the job is not available and I think I would rather have our coach than Will Muschamp.
Maybe Muschamp is going deep behind enemy lines to sabotage the streak Florida has on us and when we start winning that game he will bail on their program that he has run into the ground. Georgia will then reward him with the REAL job of his dreams. I think it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real here. We no where NEAR the level of football that Florida has played in the last 5 years. They're easily a top 2 or 3 program (overall, in terms of money, recruiting, development, wins, BCS appearances, draft picks), while we're arguably a Top 20.

The real question would've been had we fired Richt, would Muschamp have left? No one can be certain. He's certainly not leaving Florida on his own accord, unless it's to the NFL several years from now.

Anonymous said...

Where does all this love come from for Muschamp. We beat him when he was at LSU, we destroyed him at Auburn and he is 5 and 7 at Texas with no bowl. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! We let Derek Dooley get away! That 8-11 record he had at La Tech just screamed "COME HOME!"

Anon @12:02, you are a moron. Stop typing things other people can read in public.