Sunday, January 2, 2011

Belue: Pretty much, we're doomed

From Buck Belue:
Richt's turn-around depends on the guys that are already on campus. It's as simple as that. And that's a problem. ... That D-Line is just terrible. ...

Coach Garner has done a poor job. Not sure how else you can put it. It makes my stomach turn, when I see these guys running on and off the field... and see the fat bouncing up and down. The O-Line looks soft too. No push, limited movement. Couldn't knock UCF off the ball.
In my gut, which is essentially meaningless to anyone but me, I feel a lot like it's 2000 again. We've got a coach who probably deserves another year, though moreso this time than at the end of Jim Donnan's tenure. But you have to ask yourself what UGA President Michael Adams reportedly asked himself when he decided to fire Donnan after the 2000 season instead of waiting:
Are we just going to be having this conversation again next year?
Me: Uh .... No?


OldDawg55 said...

Your attitude is as close to mine as I've seen in all these cry baby blogs scattered in Dawgbone. Our lines both offense and defense have looked terrible..moreso, the offense. Silent Searles, he of the no comments, has taken some pretty good talent (on paper) and led it into mediocrity. They have been pushed around by everyone they've played and opposing defenses do not fear nor respect them. Herschel couldn't run behind them!! We will turn it around, Buck..I really think CMR will have a "back to Jesus" analytical meeting with himself and make some tough calls that will turn the program back into a "mad dawg" type of football team. The spirit of Coach Erk will be transfused into the Dawgs and they will GATA next season!!

Cojones said...

Include me in that OldDawg55. I just supported you on another blog. Your first sentence says it all.

When we all get into our cups, we forget the minutia that added up to the failure. Murray was good for at least two TDs that didn't happen.What happened there? For such a great Dawg to have been so off on his game it was not as bad as the fallout from the game.I think that his down game served as a downer for us all since we have placed him on the highest bpedestal of ability and toughness. He will be back next year with a hardon to prove us correct in our faith. So will the rest of the players with new blood added.

Caleb King didn't think enough to make himself eligible to help.This amounts to the playing ability of our two largest offensive weapons lost for the bowl game.Has anyone zeroed in on this as the big factor? Nope. As you point out the weeping and wailing has gone beyond any cogent analysis.

Don't know if your age has anything to do with your name, but I'm over 70 and have already reviewed the recruits and looked at those players who haven't found the field yet. Many of us are optimists and we will have our day for having faith in our school's team to go upward, otherwise how can we call ourselves fans? There is too much good among our players, coaches and fans to hurl bad analysis and thoughtless, insensitive phrases toward.

Go Dawgs! Sic'em next year!!

Anonymous said...

Belue is clueless.

Belue AntiProof #1:
Bama went out and got a NT named Mt. Cody after their bad 7-6 season in Saban's first year, and they did ok in 2008.

Belue anti-proof #2:
Cam Newton to Auburn they go 13-0.

Neither guy was on the team the previous year, both were JUCO transfers.