Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hire Chuck Heater for anything

It is one thing to complain about problem. It's another to suggest specific courses of action. And for that, I have to hand it to Buck Belue.

He is all in on his plan to fix the Bulldogs:
On Garner's watch as Recruiting Coordinator, Georgia has been banned from Carver/Columbus, annually struck out with big-time players at Gainesville HS, and have been slow to move on top JC players that could provide immediate impact. Plus, the bottom line says they've made a lot of mistakes the last few years. ...

Richt has to shake things up. A change here would do exactly that.

Offer him the DL job (to his credit his resume' shows former pupils Seymour, Stroud, Grant & Golston making it in the NFL). Shake things up by bringing in a new Recruiting Coordinator, after signing day. Use Rodney has an "Ace" recruiter during the offseason. Target some of the top guys and put him on them full-time.
Bold. And the way Buck describes it ... workable.

Which brings us to Chuck Heater, subject of this report at Georgia Sports Blog, which doesn't update as often as it used to, but still has some of the most astute commentary available:
At age 57, (Heater has) served on coaching staffs that have won two SEC titles and two national titles at UF, a national title at Notre Dame, an undefeated season at Utah, a Rose Bowl and Pac 10 title at Washington, a Big Ten title at Ohio State, and an 11-1 record at Colorado.

He's a winner.

As a recruiting coordinator for the Gators under Meyer, they built a recruiting machine with few peers. Also under Meyer and Heater, the Gators produced defensive back fields with devastating speed and toughness with kids who were coached well enough to begin contributing their freshmen year. He's a tough as nails coach with high expectations for his kids.

Yet, Will Muschamp isn't keeping him. So, he's looking at his options.
That kind of made me salivate.


<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

As much as I have disagreed with Buck on a lot of things, I totally think not only is this a plan, but a very good plan...

Anonymous said...

as good a plan as any...


Anonymous said...

To the coaching staff at Georgia, Buck Belue's reccommendations are like getting the "kiss of death" from the Godfather and then being told "it's only business".
He made the same type of remarks before Donnan and Goff were terminated.