Saturday, March 12, 2011

It wasn't the timeout, it was the collapse

The time out was just the dumb cherry on the top of our inexplicable, but unsurprising fade. Maybe the Georgia basketball program has a strength, conditioning and nutrition program coordinator we can replace.

Surely there's still a Tereshinski out there somewhere who's not on the Bulldog payroll.

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Jake Ivey said...

You're right, it was the collapse.

But it wasn't S&C, IMO. What happened was, with 3 or 4 minutes left, we relaxed. You could see it plain as day on TV.

The disappointing thing is it's not the first time this year that has happened, and we apparently have yet to learn the lesson.

In the 1980 football game, Florida's defense relaxed, after 2 downs, thinking they had the game won. That's what made Belue to Scott possible.

This loss was the toughest of the year, IMO. Very disappointing.