Saturday, April 2, 2011

Razor thin at safety

With Bacarri Rambo injured and out for the rest of the Spring, and Marc Deas in a non-contact jersey, am I right that today's scrimmage featured only two scholarship safeties?

Both of whom struggled last year?

How desperate must our situation have been at inside linebacker to move Alec Ogletree, a 5-star safety, to linebacker this year?


Colonial Dawg said...

You are right for ONE of the safety positions. Jakar Hamilton and Shawn Williams will compete at Rambo's normal safety position. We still have Sanders Commings at the other safety. Am I forgetting someone else? Seems like there's someone behind Commings but I can't think who that is at this time.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Sanders is a corner. He may have to move, but he played corner all last year.

IveyLeaguer said...

As thin as we are at ILB, I don't think the Ogletree move was due primarily to that, rather it had more to do with the lack of Ogletree's safety skills. He's just better suited for LB.

The fact that it left us hanging that badly at Safety simply underscores that, IMHO.