Sunday, June 26, 2011

Columbus AAU accusations sound very bad

Son of a bitch. From The Ledger-Enquirer:
Police records show that an unauthorized bank account controlled by Adams and Porter was used to pay for flights to and from Los Angeles for Jarvis Jones, a two-sport star at Carver High School who played football for one season at the University of Southern California, and for the cell phone bill of the mother of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a five-star shooting guard from Greenville High School.

NCAA rules do not allow amateur sports organizations to provide expenses for athletes in excess of actual and necessary travel, room and board, apparel and equipment for competition and practice.
The story is solid, well-sourced, based on a local police investigation and gives an example of how the NCAA responded in a similar case.

It's hard to see how this doesn't lead to suspensions for players we were absolutely depending on.

Update: I don't expect rationality from the NCAA anymore. This is from Jarvis' USC bio:
Overall in 2009 while appearing in the first 8 games, he had 13 tackles, including 1.5 for losses. He suffered a neck sprain at Oregon and was sidelined for USC's last 5 games.
The most recent flight paid for was Oct. 9, 2009, just after the 5th game that year. So it would be possible to "suspend" him for 3 games he played for USC in 2009.

Again, I default to "NCAA will screw us."


Ricky McDurden said...

I think Jarvis will get off. Would probably cause any games he played at USC to be ruled ineligible since the infractions benefited USC, but these in now way aided UGA or Jarvis getting to Athens.

KCP is probably screwed, unless he plays the Cam card and claims he knows nothing. NCAA set the precedent, why not use it to it's full advantage?

RevThomas said...

This is kinda scary!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't affect UGA...period

Dawgfan17 said...

I think a fair punishment would be to rule him ineligible for the games he played at Southern Cal, make them forfeit those games and he is all good to go now ;)