Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The optimism chart needs a new name

Perhaps you remember this attempt to graph my expectations for the coming season. Three months later the update looks like heart monitor hooked up to a cadaver.

There is some good news, though. Check out Dan up there expecting a 9-3ish season.

"We will be good enough to beat almost everyone," he said. "But because of the O-line we won't be able to get past the best teams."

I judged that to be somewhere between reasonable expectation and irrational optimism, but at this point my judgment is essentially worthless.

Then there's Huff, who asked to be placed "somewhere below the actual chart in the 'We are f*****' area."

Joe was essentially unchartable:
"I recently dropped from my February 'unreasonably high expectations' to something closer to this," he said. "That represents one day."
We can be a sad, sorry and confused group of people in the summer.

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BuLLdawg said...

Las Vegas has us picked to lose to :

South Carolina
Boise State

Since we don't face any of the Top 3 SEC teams of Arkansas, LSU nor Alabama, we should therefore represent the SEC East.

We lose to Arkansas, LSU or Alabama

That's 4-losses and play 14 games


This presupposes, however, that we will not drop a game against a team we should beat such as either Auburn or Missy State, for example.

But, 10-4 is what we will be with this soft easy schedule.