Friday, July 8, 2011

King's flunk-out leaves us thin in one more place

To those arguing that the sky is not falling just because Caleb King threw away his senior year of Georgia football: I hear you.

But this sure has a hair-that-broke-the-camel's-back feel to it, doesn't it? Especially combined with Washaun Ealey leaving, Brent Benedict leaving and the fact that we now have 77 players on scholarship, or two more than a team the NCAA dropped the hammer on with scholarship reductions.

Generally speaking, step one to success is not fucking yourself over. And when it comes to proven players, we are now very thin (at best) at safety, offensive line, linebacker (especially if Jarvis Jones has to sit the first couple of games), wide receiver and running back.

And that's assuming John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers are the answer on our D-line.

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joe p said...

"step one to success is not fucking yourself over"