Monday, August 15, 2011

Bring back the silver helmets

I'm on record against anything called "Pro Combat" that doesn't involve actual soldiers. But if we're heading down that path anyway for the Boise State game, I'd like to see some throwback flair to the new uniforms.

I'd like to see silver helmets in the mix, with an updated "G" on the side in a nod to the 1962 uniforms described here.

All in all, I think we downplay silver in general. I'm not calling for a silver-out ... yet. But it sure looks good mixed with that red and black, and it's a lot better than white.


Stephen said...

Talked with a player last night, he said he cannot describe the new uniforms as NIKE has stated how they would like for them to be unveiled to the public.

The only comment I got was "I love the red.. a lot of red"

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe the helmet is silver for a tribute to the Butts era. I think the jerseys are red with possibly a 1980s concept and the pants are red like the 1980s pants worn on the road from time to time. Makes perfect sense based on Nike's previous pro combat color schemes and themes for the traditional unifom "powers". I.E. Texas, OU, Ohio State, etc.

Anonymous said...

I recall reading something recently about how the players were referring to the new Nike uniforms and silver britches was mentioned. Or rather, Coach Richt was quoted as misspeaking and saying "silver bitches". Does that sound familiar to anyone else?