Thursday, August 25, 2011

I heart Greg McGarity

Since his return a year ago, UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity has repeatedly struck just the right tone on issues a lesser executive would have easily over, or under, stepped on.

Consider the fine line that needed to be walked in meeting with Athens' police chiefs. Consider his focus on the little things, noted in that same piece.

Simply put, the man gets it. He sees consequences several steps beyond his choices. Every decision he makes just makes me more confident that he's leading this department to success.

And that's a big picture that should put a smile on your face.


Julius said...

What? Here are a few of McGarity's blunders.

1) Couldn't get AJ Green's suspension reduced
2) Kept Florida game in Florida--resigned contract
3) Replaced game 1 LVille w/ Boise
4) Had the football team working out of trailers last year for strength
5) Worst seaosn in Richt's 25 year carrer frm a Win perspective

McGarity had ZERO to do with the arrests going down, it's all been because of an internal player led effort.

KornDawg said...

All due respect, Julius, but those blunders may not be viewed as such by most of the fan base.1) Maybe AJ's suspension was going to be longer, I don't remember reading that it was set at 4 games. 2) Maybe he wants to keep the game in Jax, I've only been three times but I like it there. I like the novelty of it.3) The Boise game is high risk - high reward.4) When you're building a new weight room you have to make do until it is done. Can't argue with the last one.

RamDawg said...

Blunders? I agree totally with KornDawg. He has been a breath of fresh air and is obviously focusing on what's important in Athens not in Buckhead.

Anonymous said...

Julius, you obviously are a little off on your thoughts.
1) AJ Green's suspension was a product of prior decisions regarding players in the same position (accepting cash for memorabilia)
2) Florida contract pays UGA well (though I would love a home and home thing with FL)
3) Boise is a great test and will get a whole lot more attention than Louisville.
4) The football team now has a state of the art training facility and a new strength coach. (Something tells me the strength coach has more to do with the weight training than the facility)
5) McGarity doesn't coach, so how does Mark Richt's win record play into what McGarity is doing? Fire Richt after the season? Ok, so we'll set the team back 2-3 years with that move.

McGarity is working to reduce the arrests by making sure that players are taking care of the little things that they were getting arrested for. As for not getting in brawls (here's looking at you LSU) I would account that to the players.

Seriously though, you sound like a whiny fan that will NEVER be satisfied with results. Even if they are a NC.

A Realistic Dawg Fan said...


Dear lord, I hope you're just trolling over from Yech or Jorts-ville.

1. I'm glad you think ADs have the power/control to reduce NCAA imposed sanctions.

2. Huh? The contract was based upon the pricinpal while DAMON EVANS was the AD and McGarity was still at Florida. At least McGarity eased the issue of traveling, by allowing players to fly directly from ATL to JAX.

3. I highly doubt a Louisville game would've provided at least 1/10 of the excitement, nervousness, and attention as the Boise game. Besides, let's not forget how much UGA is making from an economic standpoint. You do realize we're not playing in Boise? We basically got a home game against a Top 5 opponent with national exposure.

4. What? You do realize he just became AD right and had no control over the timiliness of construction for new facilities that started before his tenure right? Filing this as a "blunder" is stupid at best.

5. See post above. Because of Richt's inability to address personnel/staff issues or the lack of passion instilled in the program prior to McGarity's reign makes this past season his fault?

Get a dose of reality bud.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I would like to endorse what four of the last five commentors said.

Anonymous said...

YAY Endorsement...wait...does this end my college eligibility?

Vince said...

If we lose the first game, McGarity will look kind of dumb for schduling that one, if we win it, he'll look like a genius.

PDawg said...

It was a mistake to keep the game in Florida when you have a 3-17 record there. I'd like to see that game in Athens for the next 20 years. AD should have negotiated the next 20 in Athens, instead, he agreed to same place.

Anonymous said...

On my lunch break. Quick post. The team did lose all 7 games in the
4th quarter, looks like the lack of professional facilities had a large impact last year. Hopefully, will be better this season, but losing those 7 games was brutal.

Ben said...

We got off to a rought start without AJ for sure, 1-3, so yeah, Greg M. should have had a hot shot lawyer ready as far as his prep went. Cost us 3 games last year. Live & learn. New lawyer did good job with Jones.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Blunders? Goodness that is high expectations. He has done well.

YA said...

considering the arrests under Urban Meyer while McG was at UF, pretty sure the improvement had .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% to do with Greg McGarity. Can't believe he's trying to take credit for that, from a 30 minute meeting wiht the police chief for ice cream or donuts.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

McGarity wasn't the AD at Florida, so...the argument that he didn't stop arrests there is skewed. Obviously, McGarity isn't going to babysit every single player to make sure that they don't get arrested, but don't think for an instant that he and Richt haven't made it known that there will be SEVERE consequences for such. The AJ Green thing came from nowhere, whereas the Jarvis Jones thing was much earlier in the summer when things can be investigated. I'll also state again for those who aren't paying attention. WE CHANGED STRENGTH COACHES. That has more of an impact than facilities. (Just watch the Rocky movies) McGarity is doing a GREAT job at providing each team at UGA with the TOOLS that they need to have in order to win. If a team doesn't use those tools effectively, is that McGarity's fault?

Lucid Idiocy said...

I had absolutely no idea there were people, or at least one person, with such a serious dislike for Greg McGarity.

There seems to be a real correlation, though, between those people and people who don't have a clue what an athletic director actually does.

Anonymous said...


Please enlighten since you love McGarity.

Can you list all the things McGarity did last year that led to wins?

I havn't found anyone that can name 1 thing, what am I missing, please list all his win contributions so we can understand where you're coming from.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Anon - I think some of the other commentors have done a fine job of pointing out moves Mr. McGarity made last year that we all hope will eventually translate to "wins."

Maybe it would be more instructive for you to list some of the responsibilities that you believe are in the athletic director's purview, and can translate to "wins" within a few months, as opposed to a year or two.

Anonymous said...

For starters, #1, it might be good if McGarity figured out how to get Richt to give 110%, not a 6-7 season with low energy 6 points vs. UCF. McGarity got nothing out of Richt last year in the way of wins (25 year low for Richt--brought out the worst in Richt). McGarity severely lacks leadership organizational "wins". Needs to earn his way up the leadership ladder by getting a lot more "wins" than 6 games. Needs to learn which buttons to press that translate to wins.

Needs to re-prioritize his time & budget to things that translate to wins for the football in 2011.

Needs to figure out how to get the team off to a good start from a fan support angle, so you get out to a big lead in the first quarter.

Needs to get the fans to be loud & quiet at right times.

Basically, McGarity's a leader only by title right now (level 1). He doesn't have tight relationships (level 2) due to his spending his time on dumb stuff like scheudles 20 years away. Doesn't have a single "win" (level 3) yet against winning teams in his #1 sports program. You don't see Richt getting better under mcGarity after 1st year, that needs to change (level 4).

Anonymous said...

Needs to re-focus as many staff as possible on helping the football team win more games in 2011. That should be their #1 task.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I see. So, basically, you want him to stop doing his job and start doing Richt's, Grantham's, Tereshinki's ... maybe he should play safety - we've got some needs there.


Anonymous said...

You asked for specifics, I gave them to you.

I asked you for specifics of anything McGarity did last year that led to a win, you gave me none.

You want McGarity to spend all his time scheduling games far away into the future.

I don't.

Anonymous said...

Anon- first, you are obviously hiding your true faithfulness to tech by posting anonymously. Second, why don't you run your statements past the truth? Richt says that his and McGarity's relationship is tight, and that it's like that with ALL the athletic department. The assumption that Richt doesn't give 100% (110% is impossible) is pretty low too. You're saying that a guy who probably spends 60-70 hours a week doing his job (NOT including gameday) isn't working hard enough? How many hours a week do you work? Also, players are responsible for effort. There is actually only so much that Richt can do to light a fire under them. Go back to your tech blogs and stay off ours.

Anonymous said...

You do realize over 50% of UGA fans polled think Richt will not get the job done, right? You are in the minority. Just because someone criticizes AD or HC Richt doesn't mean they're not a fan. Maybe they just don't accept medicority like you are so willing to do.

You must be a Florida fan if you want to keep Richt consideirng the 2-8 record. Go back to Gator land.

PapaJim said...

Coach Richt does have a 2-8 record against ranked teams. Safe to say, he's been outworked, heck, he went 0-5 last season, every coach outworked the guy.

Anonymous said...

Please stop blaming A STATE as the main reason you have lost on a consistent basis to Florida the past 20 years. I have been to the game many times and I believe it's 50/50 as far as UGA fans and UF fans are concerned. Also, you want the game in Athens? Sounds good to me b/c the last time we did that I think the Gators put 50+ on you guys. Sorry excuse for a fan base.

If the record was reversed you would be saying the exact opposite and you know you would so don't even try to say you wouldn't.

Oh and tonight while you are relaxing in your beanbag chair put down the bag of Cheetos and the Beast tall boy and start thinking of better jokes than "Gator fans wear Jorts". It doesn't bother us b/c we just think of our program's success and laugh at you.

By the way Anon... you're an idiot!

CousinEarl said...

6-7 record could have been worse, was terrific last year! Better than Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt is the standard.

Lucid's right, everything's perfect, no need for McGarity to change one thing, or be second guessed, McGarity did a terrific job, again, better than Vanderbilt.

GatorGreg said...

Smart of your AD to keep that UGA-FLA game in Florida. Very smart guy there. Also, good move with the uniform color change to all red, that should scare Boise big time. You guys have a smart AD, please keep him. Eeven if McGarity's team goes 6-7 again, please don't fire him.

Anonymous said...

College football never ceases to bring the idiots out of the wood work.

"Get a Brain! Morans"

Dawgfan17 said...

What will be the long term effect of McGarity as AD, there is no way to tell yet. Blaming him for last season when he had been AD for all of a a few weeks when last season started is just foolishness. The one thing I would like to see McGarity get done is a true indoor practice facilty. While the little half field is nice and does give the team better options than they had before there is no reason why Georgia should not have a full size indoor practice facilty that rivals the best in the country.