Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trojan Horse t-shirts: For the tech fan in your life

I want to give these people a standing ovation. From Reuters:
BERLIN - Festival goers at a nationalist, right-wing concert in Germany were taken by surprise when souvenir t-shirts they were given had a secret anti-far right message that emerged only after being washed.

The slogan on the shirts first read "hardcore rebels" along with a skull and nationalist flags. But once washed the slogan turned into a message from a group offering help to right-wing extremists break away from the neo-Nazi scene.
So you give someone a shirt, and at first it tells them they're awesome. But when they wash it, it lets them know just how stupid their moron beliefs are.

This is easily the greatest t-shirt related technology since hypercolor.


Anonymous said...

Taking online orders now! make yoiur own t-shirt!

Shanna White said...

I'd love a horse tee shirt! Maybe next time :)