Friday, November 25, 2011

It's simple: I want tech to fail. Always.

I've seen a few Dawg fans over the last week say they cheer for Georgia tech until we meet the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The idea is that they cheer for all the state's teams, that they want the nation to take note of Georgia's football prowess in general, or they want the strength of schedule boost, or they just want to prove that the best tech teams still lose to Georgia.

Now, I'm all for taking as much from Georgia tech as we can. But the years we'll have a shot at ruining a techie National Title run are very few and very far between. So let's set that aside and try an exercise I typically find useful: Say it out loud.

As a Georgia fan I want Georgia tech's football program to do as well as possible, except when we play them, of course.

Does that really sound like a good idea? The top high school football talent in Georgia, you want them to have two legitimate in-state options? The national media attention that helps land recruits out of state, you want Georgia tech getting some of it?

No, I think one of our long-term goals should be forcing Georgia tech to end their football program and apologize to the state. Let's work toward that, and allow clean old fashioned hate to fester on its merits all year long.

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