Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Munson: For "old timers," tech our biggest rival

I got to interview Larry Munson in 2005 for The Macon Telegraph. It was pretty cool.
Q: Who is Georgia's biggest rival?

A: Oh, I would think that the real old timers, like me and my age, I'm not saying me, but the older fans, they would show more hatred toward Georgia Tech than anybody. But as far as a rival is concerned and the student body getting up, younger people, I don't know. They have so many, so many teams that they're blood rivals with. Florida would rule, would be very close to that. But Tennessee would be close to that, too, and so would Auburn.
When it comes to hating other universities over a football game, who you gonna listen to? Students, old timers, or Jeff Schultz?

Beat tech. Beat them on every down.

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