Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love for Shawn Williams

Glad to see Shawn getting some of his due. It's no secret how legitimately worried I was about the safety position when the season started. I know Rambo had a good year, but Shawn was the dependable cog that kept the crushing machine running.
“He put fear in a lot of receiver’s hearts,” senior cornerback Brandon Boykin said. “He was known as a big hitter and somebody who was gonna bring the wood, I guess you could say. Him not making a (postseason) team, I guess you could say that would motivate him for next year to try to be better and try to correct things that he needs to get better at. But he knows that he’s a good player, and everybody else does too.”

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Anonymous said...

I love that kid. He just needs to cut down on the talking. He will bring the pain. I know Rambo made All -American but Williams was the best safety on this team.