Saturday, December 10, 2011

With Munson, it was the waver

I've thought, many times, "What is my favorite Munson call?"

And I keep coming back to 1978 Kentucky. "The bench is unconscious."

It's the waver in his voice, as he counts it down. Twenty-five, Twenty-four.

There is no font for that.

Of all of Munson's emotions, hyper intensified in the moment, I must say the fear was the most important. His explosive joy was more fun, obviously, but could it have been so sweet without the investment?

Not a chance.

By the way, Joe and I agreed, while Munson's own eulogy stole the show at today's memorial, Coach Dooley's story about the day Georgia decided to hire Larry was the best individual story. It was one I had not heard.

Dooley and others were listening to Munson call a Vanderbilt game, and the kicker missed a field goal. Larry says, "The S.O.B. missed it."

Then without missing a beat he tells his color man, "Scott, you can’t talk like that, we’re on the air.'"

Said Dooley: "Anybody who could think that fast, we wanted him."

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Bernie said...

A Munson font would be glorious.