Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another dud in Jacksonville

I imagine more than one Georgia beat writer is spending a little time with the Georgia Media Guide this Sunday, finding things to compare this season to.

Bad things.

As a man who cares for nothing pointed out, we had more total yards in the 2015 Florida disaster, starting Faton Bauta at quarterback, than we did yesterday.

Isaiah McKenzie had zero offensive touches. Sonny Michel had four. We had ... 21 fucking rushing yards? Really? Fucking really?

We're looking at 6-6 this year, if you're the generous sort who figures we can manage a split from the Georgia Tech and Kentucky games.

The overly generous sort. If The Dawgs finish 2016 with three more losses and a win over UL Lafayette, it won't be a surprise.

The words "Nicholls State" popped into my head as I typed that last sentence, by the way. Not sure why.

You don't have to go back far to find another season like this one. In 2010 we were 6-7 in a season you may remember for ... actually, let's start with the off-season.

We fired our AD for being a drunken moron, and then, in what would turn out to be some solid metaphoring, running back Washaun Ealey hit-and-ran this state into a parked car and AJ Green was suspended for the sins of being dumb, wanting some of the money his stardom generated and being represented by UGA's compliance staff.

The season is also remembered for AJ's triumphant return during a road trip to Colorado, which was marred by a loss to said Colorado, which would go on that year to a record of 5-7.

The season featured a heart-breaking Florida loss featuring a freshman quarterback, a dirty Nick Fairley trying to kill Aaron Murray in the Auburn game and quite a bit of whiny angst on my part.

Also we lost the Liberty Bowl to George O'Leary's Central Florida team. The score was 6-10.

But we did beat Tech, and two year's later we had not fired Mark Richt and were one not-dropped pass away from maybe beating Alabama and facing Notre Dame's fake girlfriend for a national title.

So it's a topsy turvy world out there.

Go Dawgs?


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