Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Legendary Voice of the Bulldogs Larry Munson

I think we've all seen this coming, but in today's Telegraph long-time Dawgs play-by-play man Larry Munson says he's "almost 50-50" on calling this season.

My guess is he comes back for one last season, hunkers it down one more time, so to speak.

But either way, Larry Munson IS Georgia Football. He makes you FEEL a Georgia game. There is a waver in his voice, a hope, a fear, something just short of a prayer. By the end of a game, he sounds like I feel: Exhausted.

I was lucky enough to interview Munson a few years back. His middle name is Harry and he once played in a band with Frank Sinatra. I can guarantee you that he's worried about pretty much every game on the schedule this year, especially with all of our suspensions in the first couple of games.

You can listen to old Munson calls here. A good way to kill a week.

Most people have a Munson story, so I'll tell mine. A few years back, on the Sunday before the Florida game, my buddy The General called into the day-after call-in show to talk to Coach Richt and Munson.

He was the last call of the day. In fact the wrap-up music started playing during his call.

The General was just calling to say we'd played a good game the day before, and to let Coach Richt know he was packing up the car and heading down to Florida for the Cocktail Party.

This was on a Sunday. The game was not for six days.

Said Munson, as only he can: "My God! You'll be dead by Thursday!"


Erajh said...

Munson, is half the reason why I love UGA football.

I miss his old radio show with Jeff Van Note.

gunner said...

I, my son, and daughter are alumni of the best university in the USA-UGA!!I have loved UGA football for 50 of my 57 years. Larry Munson just made the games so much more exciting I can remember when we would sit on the old train tressel and Larry would gome and speak with us. He coined somany phrases used by other teams now-DAWGS, JUNJYARDDAWGS,HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS, HUNKER DOWN and others.At times I thought he was going to have a heart attack with the excitement he used calling the games. Just want to ask if anyone has a Larry Munson or Erk Russell autograph or gould tell me how I might obtain one? Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!