Monday, August 27, 2007

They looked like Big Leaguers to me

How about the Warner Robins American Little Leaguers, winners yesterday of the Little League World Series on an 8th inning walk-off homer.

Let's go to Brent Musburger, who's seen a ton of these things:
"I've done so many great Little League games, and then you think it can't equal or surpass that. And then you come along with a game like this and suddenly, this might be the best of them all. I mean, it was very, very dramatic. ... I noticed the Warner Robins fans. They were growing increasingly quiet down there because they had to be exhausted. I mean, they had played four straight lose-or-out games, as I recall, and they were the underdog every game. The little team that could, they got it done."

Full coverage (and then some) on the main site.

The Team

Dalton Carriker, who hit the walk off.

And my favorite, David Umphreyville Jr., whose mom works here at The Telegraph. He caught it. All photos by Jason Vorhees, Telegraph staff.

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